Portrait of a Lady in Blue – Thomas Gainsborough

Description of the picture:

Portrait of a Lady in Blue – Thomas Gainsborough. The end of 1770 – the beginning of 1780. Oil on canvas. 76×64

   One of the most poetic artists, the recognized head of the English school, a favorite of English aristocrats vying to order his portraits to him, is represented in the Hermitage collection by work related to the heyday of his work. A wonderful colorist, Thomas Gainsborough selected the most expressive color scheme for each of his portraits. So, the picturesque surface “Portrait of a lady in blue»Glows with cold flickering paints.

   Thin and delicate tints of blue marked a satin scarf lying on top of a thin translucent white dress, a small elegant hat, and it seems that even in powdered hair there are reflections of blue. The name of the depicted aristocrat remains a mystery to researchers of the master’s work. It has been suggested that the Duchess de Beaufort is depicted on the canvas. however, this is not confirmed."