“Walk by the sea”, Joaquin Sorolla – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Walk by the sea – Joaquin Sorolla. Canvas, oil. 205 x 200 cm

Joaquin Sorolla worked on this canvas in Valencia. The painting was painted in the genre of impressionism and luminism.

Summer, warm, cool evening. Two women are walking before sunset along the sea coast. The artist captured on the canvas his wife Clotilde and the eldest daughter Maria. They have an excellent mood, fanned by the romance of the sea. A light breeze blows their dresses, filling them with natural freshness. Women are graceful, slim, graceful, dressed in white long dresses and elegant fashion shoes. Maria holds a hat in her hand. She has a beautiful hairstyle, brown-haired curly hair and a serious, thoughtful look. She is probably thinking of some of her plans. Her mother holds a white umbrella in one hand, and the other holds a chiffon fluttering in the wind. On her head she wears a hat with lilac flowers that slightly covers her face, and earrings in her ears.

The sea is depicted in long strokes of blue, blue, turquoise color. In the distance, rolling waves are visible. The sand is loose, written in yellow, brown, beige, blue and white strokes, giving the picture a special exoticism. On the right side, in the sand, near Mary, a figure in the form of a human face is depicted. Perhaps this is the shadow of a woman or a picture drawn by children in the sand. The artist preferred to leave this moment a secret. Joaquin Sorolla conveyed in his masterpiece all the charm of a person’s relationship with the sea, highlighting in detail all the important elements.

The picture brings light, joy, peace of mind, serenity. It gives people favorable energy, positive emotions, is suitable for contemplation and reflection. The artwork will look great in the interior of the living room, filling the atmosphere of the house with warmth and goodness."