“Fjord Romsdal”, Eulert Adelsten Norman – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Fiord Romsdal – Eulert Adelsten Norman. Canvas, oil. 112 x 191 cm

As you know, the fjord is a narrow and long sea bay along which rocky mountains rise. They are found not only in Norway, but also in other places of the world, for example, in Greenland, but, perhaps, the Norwegian fjords cannot be compared in beauty and grandeur to any others.

Perhaps this is also connected with the name of Euler Adelsten Norman, who glorified Norway’s native landscapes in his landscapes of extraordinary beauty. The Fiord Romsdal is an excellent confirmation of this.

Romsdal itself is located near the city of Molde and impresses with its bulk – because the length of the fjord is almost 90 km. And the author perfectly conveyed the distance that goes into the depths, framed by the snowy peaks of the mountain peaks.

The height of the rocky coast seems incredible, due to the fact that the artist draws clouds that surround the sheer walls and tops of mountains with weightless lace.

The houses on the right side of the landscape, at the foot of the mountain, seem quite small compared to the grandeur of natural masterpieces.

But Norman writes not only the landscape, but also introduces elements of the human environment. So, on a serene water surface, the viewer sees a rowing boat with tourist people, a sailboat and in the distance a large ship with a smoking pipe.

Such a mixture of different genres is inherent in the Art Nouveau style, which the author was fond of for some time.

Adelsten Norman’s creative life fell precisely on the period of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. But this is always breaking the old and the beginning of a new, original. Therefore, each subsequent of his works is another step from the familiar and classic to the innovative and the extraordinary.

Thanks to the talent of the painter, his perfect landscapes of the fjords became known to the whole world, delighting the audience with the picturesque nature and human cultural environment of that time."