“Lunch on a boat”, Joaquin Sorolla – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Lunch on the boat – Joaquin Sorolla. Canvas, oil. 180 x 250 cm

The artist Joaquin Sorolla portrayed the picture “Dinner in a Boat” magnificently and talentedly! It is written in the genre of impressionism and realism.

The picture shows a small artel of fishermen with children. They relax and dine on a hot day at sea in a boat covered from the sun. The artist created this work after eight years of work in Valencia, where he had many friends and acquaintances of fishermen. He admired their activities, painted their portraits, families and life stories. This work was recognized as one of the best in his individual creative genre. Joaquin Sorolla was awarded an honorary award for her. Later it was sold for a lot of money and became the most famous and expensive painting in Spain.

The master of the brush conveyed in her a simple fishing life and love of the sea. The picture was painted brightly, colorfully, optimistically. Children and adults eat fried fish and potatoes from bowls. They brought lunch from the shore to refresh themselves on the road and gain strength for further sailing. Boys eat food with pleasure, talking among themselves. The father holds a small child on his lap, he took him with him to the sea so that the baby could see the world around him.

The painting was painted in Andalusia, where the artist had a lot of emotional impressions, sensations, experiences. He worked in open spaces, wrote from life and according to plan. This artistic masterpiece is permeated with the colors of impressionism. It combines all shades of light, air, dreams. The life of fishermen fascinated him. And he expressed all the most interesting and exciting moments of their life in his artistic work.

Work brings light and peace of mind. She gives good and joy, teaches love the world, fosters feelings of love for people. It will look great in the living room, children’s room, the interior of the study."

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