Description of the artwork “Morning in a pine forest”, Shishkin, 1889

Description of the picture:

Morning in a pine forest – Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 1889. Oil on canvas. 139×213

   Morning in a pine forest is one of the brightest works by I. Shishkin. The masterpiece is imbued with admiration for the nature of flora and fauna. In the picture, everything looks very harmonious. Green, blue and bright yellow tones create the effect of nature barely awakened from a dream. In the background, you can see bright golden hues – this is a hint of the breaking rays of the sun. They give the picture a festive atmosphere. The fog still swirls on the ground, depicted quite realistically, and if you focus on this detail of the masterpiece, you can feel the morning coolness.

   Picture ""Morning in a pine forest"" – very bright and so realistic that it seems as if it is not a masterpiece of a brush, but a picture of a forest landscape. Every detail of the picture is depicted professionally, with love and awe. In the foreground, we see a pine felled with a root, on which bears climb. They frolic, causing positive emotions. For them, the morning of a new day is a real holiday. The cubs are so kind and harmless, as if tamed. It seems that they are not capable of cruelty and not at all predatory, despite their animal nature.

   The main focus of the picture is a combination of sunlight in the background and bears on a tree in the foreground. If you visually draw a line through these objects, we will see that they are depicted by the artist in the most vivid and intense way. Everything else is just easy complementary sketches."

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