“Mount Drachenwand at Mondsee” (“In Boats”), Hans Fredrik Goode – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Mount Drachenwand at Mondsee (Boating) – Hans Fredrik Goode.

While studying at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf, Hans Goode traveled a lot, admiring the picturesque views of Germany and Austria. He reflected his impressions of the trip in his wonderful landscapes, one of which we now admire. This is a view of Lake Mondsee in Upper Austria, which still has a lot of fish.

Quiet summer evening. The bright sun slowly hides behind the mountain. Warm sun rays pale yellow the lower edge of the clouds, gradually capturing the blue sky.

Fishermen rush to return home before dark. In the foreground we see a wooden boat adhering to the shore. A young woman with a paddle stands aft, two men are preparing to go to land. Nearby is another little ship. Fishermen hastily pulling nets from the lake with a catch. A girl sits at the stern, waiting for it to be possible to rule to the shore. The third boat is already hurrying to the shore.

A light breeze is rising. A small ripple runs through the water. Thin dark brown stalks of coastal reed, the color of which is difficult to see in the coming twilight, quietly sway.

In the evening, the color of the lake changes, becomes smoky-gray, with flickering lilac, lilac and ashy semitones. But a small section of water still shimmers with soft golden-orange and amber reflections under the rays of the setting sun. The last bright reflections melt on the waves.

On the opposite side of the lake rises Mount Drachenwand – Dragon Wall. Sharp peaks clearly loom against the setting sky, resembling the teeth on the back of a dragon. Brown-gray rocky ledges with deep clefts descend to the water itself.

On the right, on the slopes of a small hill overgrown with dense forest, the walls of the houses of a small village turn white.

The artist managed to capture all the charm of nature at sunset. Warm saturated palette of color nuances creates a cozy and romantic mood, fills with bright faith, gives strength."