“Northwind”, John William Waterhouse – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Boreas – John William Waterhouse. Canvas, oil. 93.98 x 68.58 cm

A wonderful art masterpiece created by John Waterhouse! The picture “Northwind” has two versions. It is written in the style of the Pre-Raphaelite, romanticism and mythological painting. Her plot is a genre scene.

The gifted painter worked on the canvas with great inspiration. He idolized female images, linking them with myths. There was a special mystery in this. A true creator must amaze the world with his skill!

Against the background of nature, a girl is walking along a field between trees. Strong wind blows. His whirlwinds literally close the clear sky, exacerbating the weather. Grasses and flowers bend from the wind. The girl is wearing a long blue dress with an ornament and a transparent white cloak. She probably walked in the woods, got into bad weather and now you need to hurry home. With one hand she holds the upper edge of the cloak, the other hand is hidden inside the clothes. Her figure is bent by gusts of wind. The element played out in earnest! The head of the young lady is tilted down, her eyes are down, her hairpin is yellow. A bird flies next to her.

The wind is free, harsh and unpredictable. In ancient Greek mythology, he is called “Northwind”, which commanded the forces of nature. The deity is represented majestically and vividly. The almighty boreal wind is a dashing lord. His father is the god Astraeus, his mother is the goddess Eos, the brothers are Noth, Evr, Zephyr.

The brush master sought to convey the north wind in all its glory! He used in his work clear contour images, quick and easy strokes, saturated warm and cold colors, contrasts, chiaroscuro, and intermediate tones.

The soul of a girl is sad and lonely. The element evokes sorrow, symbolizing the obstacles on the way. But she will cope with them and conquer longing! Soon the girl will come to a cozy, warm house, where happiness awaits her!

The picture gives interesting impressions, develops imagination and imagination, immerses you in thoughts and thoughts."

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