“Singing Boys”, Frans Hals – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Singing Boys – Frans Hals. Canvas, oil. 76 x 52 cm

In the work of Frans Hals there is all the best that is combined in such a concept as “Dutch art” – cheerfulness, liveliness of the brushstroke, warmth and harmony of color, liveliness and naturalness of the models, democracy in their selection.

In his works there is life and, especially, if it concerns the image of children. One has only to look at his “The Singing Boy with the Flute”, “The Laughing Boy”, “The Fisher Boy” and other works.

Hals is an outstanding master of portraits – group, family, boys and girls from different classes, gypsies, innkeepers, fishermen. But the child’s portraits work out especially well for the painter, which is confirmed by another work – “Singing Boys” (“Two Boys Making Music”). It is assumed that the sons of Frans Hals served as models.

After all, as you know, the artist had a large family. So, having lived with his wife Lisbeth Reiners for over 40 years, they raised eleven children. And by the way, five of them became portrait painters. Hals loves his children very much, calls them curious, agile, musical and smart.

On the canvas, two boys study and make out albums with notes, select a melody to perform a song, playing music on a lute. A lute is a musical instrument that has become popular in Holland since the 16th century and its image is found in many paintings of artists of that time. Hals has it in the foreground, and the author very realistic conveys her texture.

Both boys are so passionate that they do not pay any attention to the observer and draftsman. They are completely absorbed in such an interesting activity for them. A blush appears on their childishly tender faces from inspiration and creative excitement.

The elder helps himself to catch the rhythm of the melody with his right palm and, at the same time, removes the younger boy, who is also very interested in participating in the process, and it seems that while this is not allowed to him. But he so wants to sing and with great diligence he repeats the movements and notes for the elder.

The author very accurately conveyed facial expressions and gestures, very skillfully written all the elements of clothing, a feather on a beret and overflow of fabric, every hair on the heads of future musicians is very carefully drawn. The children of Hals are so direct, enthusiastic and realistic.

Apparently, Frans Hals has some special gift, because the viewer feels the love and warmth with which this beautiful masterpiece is written."

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