“Swimming in the fjord”, Eulert Adelsten Norman – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Swimming in the fjord – Eulert Adelsten Norman.

Eilert Adelsten Norman is a talented author who worked in various artistic fields, but became famous thanks to the depiction of many landscapes of the Norwegian fjords. They really amaze with their beauty, the artist is simply in love with them and never ceases to paint the native places of his beloved northern homeland.

The painter builds a villa in the area of ​​Sognefjord, Norway’s largest “royal” fjord, buys a boat and paints these fantastic landscapes in different weather, from different views – from the coast and from the sea.

In the painting “Swimming in the fjord”, the viewer has a delightful view – the frozen masses of mountains with snow-white spots of snow, the high blue sky with lace of clouds and the surface of the water shimmering with all colors.

The splendor of natural nature Adelsten Norman considers it necessary to dilute the activity of man, his sphere of habitat. And then to the observer of the foothills brown houses on stilts become visible, they almost merge in color with the rock and do not spoil the general impression of admiring nature, but are very naturally inscribed in it. And, of course, a boat with a snow-white sail, which only adds vitality and creates the integrity of the whole composition.

Norman likes to mix different styles and directions in his work. But in this landscape, impressionism is clearly preferred. The painter captured this very moment, instant, impression of a wonderful view and “stopped” him in the landscape. Sun glare in the water, shadows on the rocks, a sailboat, a haze in the distance, with peaks lost in it, all this is written easily, joyfully and as if “highlighted” by colors from the inside.

Looking at the paintings of Euler Adelsten Norman, one cannot but awaken in awe of nature – from the monumentality of centuries-old mountains, from the radiance of the heavenly distance. But at the same time, the author makes you feel that a person, although small in comparison with her, but he also has his place in this beautiful world."