“The evening sun”, Joaquin Sorolla – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

The evening sun – Joaquin Sorolla. Canvas, oil. 299 x 441 cm

The wonderful picture “The Evening Sun” was painted by the artist Joaquin Sorolla in 1903. An artistic masterpiece created in the genre of impressionism.

Joaquin Sorolla portrayed an interesting plot in the picture. At sunset, fishermen and pets gathered on the seashore. Bulls are pulling boats out of the sea under sail. They help people pull sailboats out of the water. First, the fishermen drive the bulls into the sea to a great depth, then they harness them to the boats and the stressed animals drag them ashore first, then drag them in a heavy, slow step along the sandy bottom. The sea is slightly stormy. Waves rise and foam, a white sail flutters in the wind. He pouted all over and heels the boat on its side. Men sitting in it hold the bulls by the reins to guide them on the right course.

The painting is painted in bright colors, illuminated by the glare of the evening sun. Light colors bring a good mood, conveying all the shades of sunset. The sea splashes with multi-colored tones of waves: blue, blue, lilac, azure, turquoise, yellow. The sky above is playing with rainbow colors. Chiaroscuros convey the inner core of the artwork, creating an unusual look for the painting. The sun is in no hurry to go beyond the horizon. Moments of the day are leaving …

Peasant fishing life will captivate with its originality. Joaquin Sorolla gifted in his work the hard work of fishermen and their fishing. The artist often painted in open spaces, where the canvas is flooded with sunbeams. Perhaps he depicted this plot from nature. The brush master liked to talk with fishermen, learning a lot about their life.

The picture gives love to the world, brings bright optimism, goodness and prosperity. It is pleasant to contemplate it, reflecting on the history of past centuries. Artwork transforms and carries a spiritual stimulus."

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