“Waves”, Gustave Courbet – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Waves – Gustave Courbet. Canvas, oil. 151 x 76 cm

Wonderful seascape “Waves” was written by French artist – painter Gustave Courbet! The landscape reflects the emotional state of the artist. The painting conveys the strong, emotional excitement of the master brush, pouring a stream of waves over the edge. In artwork, the sea element rages. Storm. Storm. Squally wind. Here it is, a rush of stormy feelings and strong feelings of the artist!

The wind is blowing the waves. They foam and rise above the shore. A boat with oars is standing on the sand at the water’s edge. A little more and the waves will cover it with their raging “wall”. It is better to wait out such bad weather in a hut. Sea waves can bring a real hurricane. Jets of frantic inspiration permeated through the author of the work. The master of the brush talentedly conveyed all his emotional outbursts in this artistic masterpiece. He skillfully worked with a brush and paints, expressing original, color schemes in the picture. The strings of his soul played in unison with nature.

The sky is frowning with gray-brown clouds. They evoke dusk and gloomy mood. Meanwhile, the picture bears expressive brightness, although it is made in dark colors. Waves and clouds are like one whole unity, transmitting the power and authority of the natural element. The world is buried under a formidable onslaught of sea waves. Their colors are blue-green with a white tint. They groan, roar, make noise, overwhelming the artist’s imagination. The melodies of the sea are dynamic and variable. Waves threw small pebbles, shells and algae onto the sand. The sky is brown – lilac, the wind drives the clouds, and there is not a single glimpse. Clouds angrily hung over the horizon. Everything froze in a single instant of eternity …

The artist loved to paint pictures from nature, and perhaps he painted it from the window of the house, expressing his stormy emotions in the landscape. The picture captures the attention completely. In it one can feel the excitement and suffering of the restless soul of the author. The sea, raging landscape is extraordinary! Gustave Courbet was an unsurpassed marine painter, able to feel the sea in all its splendor!

The picture fills the heart with cosmic vibrations of the Universe. She conveys the whirlwinds of natural phenomena in all its glory. It is interesting to contemplate, reflecting on the meaning of life. From the point of view of philosophy, artwork shows life’s ups, downs, crossroads, blows of fate and the eternal struggle for happiness."