Portrait of Saskia van Eilenburh, Rembrandt, 1633

Description of the picture:

Portrait of Saskia van Eilenburh – Rembrandt. 1633. Oak, oil. 52,5×44,5

Around 1631-1632, Rembrandt permanently moved to Amsterdam. He settled in one of the rooms of the art dealer Hendrick van Eilenburh, who already had the daughter of his relative, Saskia van Eilenbyrch. Young people fell in love and got married two years later. The girl came from a wealthy family, so Rembrandt was in high society. One of the best periods in his life began, because he became a famous artist.

Rembrandt’s wife was his most popular model. It was in the 30s that the most portraits of his wife were painted. She was the artist’s favorite model. So, in addition to the picture presented, one can call “Flora”, on which Rembrandt portrayed Saskia shortly before the birth of their son Titus. Saskia served as a model for the famous “Danai” master."